Create a new work-life balance

Sometimes it feels like there’s not enough hours in the day. We’ve been there too. Shed the guilt of missing time with loved ones. Enhance the profitability of your business by investing your time in sales and marketing. Collaborate with Nobacklog to get ahead and stay there - it’ll feel amazing!

Book more. Stress less.

Editing is often the bottleneck of studios; limiting their capacity to take on more work, and distracting from other important tasks. Businesses grow by outsourcing repetitive and time-consuming jobs, allowing owners to focus on the things that will bring success. Focus on the bigger picture to achieve the growth and profitability you’re after.

Make time for what matters

What’s the opportunity cost when you’re editing all week? Marketing, sales, customer experience -something has to give. Nobacklog helps studios break free from hundreds of hours of repetitive work. Make time for neglected tasks in your business.

Your style, your way

Nobacklog makes it easy for you to maintain creative control of your projects. Book exactly what you need by selecting from a wide array of options. Build your Profile to define your Style and preferences, so your dedicated editing team doesn’t miss a beat. Our software makes communicating with Nobacklog seamless and effective, so you can get back to the things that matter most.

No strings attached

Outsource some of your work during peak season, or Pre-Order your entire season. No monthly fees, subscriptions or minimum orders. Book your entire season to secure editing allotment with no deposit or commitment to proceed. Enjoy flexible payment terms that help your cashflow.

Collaboration at a price that works

Nobacklog is a leading outsourcing partner to hundreds of wedding creatives from around the world. We’ve been assembling a team, building custom software and streamlining post-production for years. We have affordable pricing that makes long-term collaboration with Nobacklog practical for most wedding filmmakers.

Creating long-term partnerships

We’ re all about delivering films your couples will love, that matches the spirit of your style. Our team is heavily trained on how to achieve unique stylistic preferences. Everything we do is centred around providing a seamless, efficient, scalable and personalized service.

Beyond freelancing

There’s many benefits to working with an established and professional editing house like Nobacklog. We’re with you for the long-haul and won’t abandon you for the next, higher-paying client. Our unique software means you won’t spend more time back-and-forth with your editor, than you would have editing the project yourself! We review your Style and assign an editor that will naturally replicate your work from our extensive our in-house team. With Nobacklog, you have the support of a Project Manager, Media Manager and your editor, without any commitments, hiring or freelancers to negotiate with.

Nobacklog - Bali
Nobacklog - Bali
Nobacklog - Bali

Hundreds of wedding studios trust Nobacklog

Our Services
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  • Trailers + Social Media edits
  • Rough Cuts
  • Long Form Documentaries
  • Color Grading
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