What can we help you with?
Why choose Nobacklog?

Nobacklog provides high-quality, reliable and affordable wedding video and photo editing services to the wedding creative community. We are a growing team of editing professionals, led by two Directors that have a combined 30 years of experience as wedding studio owners in Australia.

We make the process of outsourcing your wedding projects automated, streamlined and efficient. There's over 400 wedding studios that trust Nobacklog to deliver creative results on-time.

We've built Nexus - your central hub for booking, managing and reviewing your post-production. It's the fast and intuitive way to collaborate with our team. Nexus is the first post-production software built exclusively for wedding studios.

Using our service comes with many benefits over hiring internally, sending work to a freelancer, or engaging someone through a marketplace.

Can working with you remain confidential?

Of course we offer a white-label service to all studios that collaborate with us. There's no need to attribute any credit to Nobacklog, or mention our services to your clients.

Terms of Service include a confidentially clause that keeps everything about our partnership secure and private.

What types of wedding Studios do you work with?

Nobacklog works with over 400 wedding photo and video studios from around the world. The majority of our clients are in the USA, NZ and Australia however we work with studios from elsewhere.

Many studios start working with us because they:

  • Are seeking to free up time to:
    • Increase revenue by servicing new clients during the week 
    • Focus on marketing and sales 
    • Create time for family and friends  
  • Want to clear their backlog 
  • Can't keep up with how much they are shooting 
  • Want to grow their business and need to increase their editing capacity 
Why outsource?

Sometimes, asking for help is the best way forward. You don't need to personally complete every process within your business.

Nobacklog allows you to make time for life:

  • Claw back free time to enjoy with family and friends 
  • Stop working overtime hours that lead to burn out 
  • Work on passion projects 
  • Maintain employment elsewhere, and shoot weddings on the weekend 
  • Outsource during peak season to maintain competitive turn-around times and your sanity!


Nobacklog allows your business to flourish:

  • Increase revenue and diversify your business by shooting other projects 
  • Focus on customer experience, sales and marketing 
  • Grow your studio, without worrying about hiring internal editing staff 
  • Stay in the wedding industry and keep shooting, but without the hassle of editing  


Nobacklog allows you to do what you love:

  • Outsource the tedious parts of the edit, but maintain creative control 
  • Shoot more projects, but spend less time in front of the computer 
  • Place your finishing touches on a Nobacklog edited project without doing the repetitive work 
What is Nexus?

Every project you work on with Nobacklog is powered by Nexus. 

Nexus is your central hub for booking, managing and reviewing your post-production. It's the fast and intuitive way to collaborate with our team.  

  • Book new projects with dozens of options to meet your unique needs 
  • Complete your Studio Profile so we understand your preferences 
  • Manage your Rewards Status to receive discounts 
  • Use SmartReview to preview projects and submit revisions  

Nexus was designed for wedding video and photo creatives, by wedding creatives, and is the first post-production software built exclusively for wedding studios.

Can I hire you to edit multiple projects?

Yes, most of the studios we work with send us many projects each year. Some studios will send us the odd edit when they're busy, overwhelmed or simply don't want to edit a particular wedding. 

Other clients will send us 100% of their projects and completely step away from editing in-house, focusing on other parts of their business or life instead. 

Finally, some clients will send us the majority of their projects, but not 100%. They do this automate their workflow, provide faster delivery times to customers and grow their business, however they do enjoy editing the odd production themselves. You know those weddings that were just stunning, and you can't wait to get into the edit and tell that beautiful story? 

Well, we wouldn't want to take those productions away from you!

Will you edit to my style?

Every wedding studio has a different style. 

Everything we do at Nobacklog is designed around delivering your Style, without you having to do the time-consuming tasks.  

  • You build a sophisticated Studio Profile within Nexus to accurately detail your preferences, requirements and Style.  
  • We have 90+ editors, each with their own creative style and unique approach. We "lean into" this diversity, and Project Managers connect you with an editor that naturally gravitates to your Style.  
  • Each project allows detailed Editor Notes so we know what's needed for one project that might be different to your default preferences 
  • You can use the SmartReview system to request revisions on each project. These preferences are trackable and logged for long-term understanding of your needs.  
  • You review each project once its done, so we understand what we might be able to do better next time

You may need to provide detailed feedback for the first edit, but we're quick learners!

After the first few edits, most of our clients don't provide any feedback and make some minor changes themselves to the project/Lightroom file. We're always happy to make revisions at no cost (Fair Use Policy applies).

What type of data security and privacy do you offer?

Your data and personal privacy is secure with us. The relationship between your studio and ours is completely confidential. We never use your footage for anything other than editing and providing back to you. We do not use your content to advertise our service to others.

However, we are not a data backup service. When your data is in-transit between us via post, or online, we offer no guarantee of its safety. Similarly, when we receive your files we are not providing a guaranteed off-site backup for you. We suggest that at all times, you keep your clients data on multiple hard-drives at multiple locations. The fact we also have your data is a nice-to-have, but can't be relied upon.

Is your service similar to hiring a freelancer?


There's lot of ways in which working with Nobacklog is different to engaging a freelancer:  

  • Nobacklog is a post-production studio with 90+ editors in-house. We attract and retain highly experienced editors in a wide range of styles. 
  • Nobacklog specializes in photo and video editing for weddings. We're a fully-fledged team with editors, project managers, media managers and software developers. This means you'll get your edit when we promise, there are backup editors if yours is unavailable, and we'll go that extra mile to get the job done!  
  • Nobacklog has built the most advanced software in the world for collaborating with an remote editor on wedding photo or video projects. You can call or email us anytime and expect a quick, knowledgeable reply. 
  • You might find a freelancer needs to abruptly end their collaboration with you if:                      
    • They find a better paying client or gig 
    • They move into a different field 
    • They're personally unavailable or too busy   
What if I'm not happy with the result?

That's alright! we'll work through it with you. There are lots of things that make a great edit, and if we don't quite nail it the first time, please just let us know. 

Our Project Managers review every single project prior to its delivery, along with other quality-check processes we have in order to ensure the best outcome from the start. 

Nexus makes it easy for you to submit revisions and receive additional versions of a project prior to sending it to your client. 

We have a Fair Use policy regarding revisions. It prevents misuse of our service, and places limits on the degree of changes that can come from your client. 

We'll work through the little and big things to ensure we provide a consistent and quality service you can rely upon.

How can I get started or learn more?

All projects with Nobacklog run through software we've built called Nexus. It's your central hub for ordering, managing and reviewing projects. 

Sign up for a free Nexus account and visit the Help Centre. There are over 80 articles with a wealth of information, direction, tips and tricks. If you'd like to direct message or speak with us, get in touch.