What can we help you with?
Is it free to create an account?

Yes! There's no upfront cost or commitment to get started with Nobacklog.

You can create a free Nexus account to take a look around our system and read the Help Centre articles. You can also jump on a call with our team to understand more about what we do and complete an on-boarding process if you need help.

Once you're ready to place a booking, login to Nexus and place the order.

There's no lock-in contract, commitments or subscription with Nobacklog. Order projects whenever you like!

What discounting do you offer if I sent you lots of work?

Nobacklog has a Rewards Program that provides discounts on our services to reduce our already highly competitive rates. 

Nexus intelligently and automatically adds points to your account when you make payment and rewards you with discounts when you're entitled to it. There's nothing you need to do - it's easy, automatic and can reduce your editing expenses even further below our competitive rates.

How and when should I order projects?

All projects with Nobacklog run through software we've built called Nexus. It's your central hub for ordering, managing and reviewing projects. 

Create a Nexus account, login and click the +NEW button up the top right. You'll see a range of ordering options available. 

Ideally, order each new project as soon as you have a retainer or signed contract from your client. We call this Pre-Ordering and its critical to a fast and smooth post-production with Nobacklog.

Pre-Orders receive:  

  • Much faster delivery times 
  • Allow Nobacklog to assign the same editor(s) consistently  
  • Bonus Reward Points  

Things can get quite busy at certain times of the year, so clients that regularly work with us Pre-Order almost all their projects. 

If you have a backlog of projects when first starting with us, that's OK ! we'll provide accurate lead times upfront, so you know how to manage your clients expectations.

Can I book more than one project at once?

You sure can!

Nexus is available for you to place orders 24/7. Each order can include a single project, or multiple projects. Payment isn't due until just before we start editing, and there's no penalty to upgrade, downgrade or fully cancel a project anytime before we start editing.

Each project individually managed and progresses within Nexus system, so it does not matter if you book 10 projects on the same order or separately.

How do payments work?

We accept payment via various payment methods depending on your region and Nexus account settings. 

The system does not allow payment at the time of order. Instead, payment is due just before we start editing. You can downgrade, upgrade, or fully cancel a film on a project anytime before we start editing without penalty.

What if I need to cancel or modify an order?

There's no deposit payable when you order with Nobacklog. Payment is due just before we start editing. You can upgrade, downgrade or fully cancel any film on any project at anytime before we start editing with no penalty or cost.

This generous cancellation policy allows you to Pre-Order with confidence!  

  • Protection from your client cancelling or postponing 
  • Ability to secure your editors time in advance, then cancel without consequence if you'd like edit the project, or part of the project yourself 
  • Ability to upgrade or downgrade the order and pay the difference (no additional levy/fee), as long as the edit has not started  
Do you offer an express service?

We understand that sometimes things are urgent. 

Within the ordering process, you may see an express option on particular products if we have capacity to offer it. This is not always available every single week of the year. Sometimes there's an influx of unpredicted work, and we simply can't slot an urgent project into the schedule. 

If you have an urgent project and you don't see the option in the booking process, please contact us most of the time we can make something work. 

Please, always endeavour to book ahead so we can deliver productions on schedule, without express fees and with plenty of time for creativity!

What turn-around time can I expect?

Simple answer: 

Video projects = 15-25 business days (if Pre Ordered) 

Complex answer: 

Our delivery times range depending on a few factors, including:  

  • The time of the year: demand can be sudden and unexpected
  • The availability of your usual editor 
  • How many projects your specific editor has in que already from your studio 
  • How quickly you can get us assets 
  • How many projects you are booking at the same time  

In Nexus, we display 6 months worth of data on how busy our upcoming schedule is, which gives a general indication of how busy Nobacklog is.

It's best to book with us as soon as you have a retainer from your client, even if the wedding isn't for 12+ months. There's no deposit required to order. 

When we're scheduling, there's usually 1-2 editors assigned to your studio, and they'll work on projects in order of "oldest event = first edited". This is because we generally assign the same editor to your studio, for consistency of style, and they're unable to start on the second project until the first is complete. Larger studios have more than one editor. 

When you place an order, the Estimated Delivery Date will not display in Nexus until we have completed Scheduling the order. The Estimated Delivery Date is subject to change:  

  • If you miss the Asset Delivery Deadline, significant delays can occur 
  • If your Asset Delivery has technical issues, or missing files, delays can occur 
  • We may need to shift projects around in our que, which can result in minor delays.  

If promising a delivery to your customer, always allow additional time on top of the Estimated Delivery Date. 

How can I get started or learn more?

All projects with Nobacklog run through software we've built called Nexus. It's your central hub for ordering, managing and reviewing projects. 

Sign up for a free Nexus account and visit the Help Centre. There are over 80 articles with a wealth of information, direction, tips and tricks. If you'd like to direct message or speak with us, get in touch.