What can we help you with?
What services do you offer?

Nobacklog offers a very wide range of options within our ordering process, including:

  • Highlight Films from 2 - 40 minutes  
    • Creative with dialogue 
    • Basic, without dialogue 
    • Rough Cuts  
  • Long Form Films that cover the detail of the day 
  • Trailers 
  • Short clips designed for Social Media 
  • Colour correction or grading 
  • Rendering  
  • Translate  

Within the booking process you will see small question mark symbols next to many of the headings. Click on these buttons to learn more about what that item includes. 

There are separate articles within the Help Centre about each of these services.

What editing software do you use?

In your Studio Profile, you'll advise which software editing program you would like us to edit in. Options include:  

  • Final Cut Pro X 
  • Premiere Pro (latest Creative Cloud version) 
  • Premiere Pro CS6 
  • Davinci 
When and how do I submit assets?

There are three types of assets for video projects:  

  • Media 
  • Music 
  • Notes  

For online delivery, we only allow you to submit via Dropbox and Google Drive. 

You can also send us a physical hard-drive. We can arrange DHL to pickup the hard-drive from your address. Please get in touch for further information. 

Submitting assets to Nobacklog on-time is vital to a successful collaboration. 

Asset Deadline is a term that we use to determine the absolute last date to submit assets. If files are not received by the Asset Deadline displayed against a project, delays to the Estimated Delivery Date are very likely.

How does music work?

Music plays a vital role in the production of wedding films. Both the studio and the wedding couple have their own preferences for music, so it can be difficult to establish what will work best. Couples often want to choose music they commonly enjoy, however this is rarely possible to licence. 

Luckily, these days there is a wide range of music licencing sites that have diverse libraries of music available for affordable licencing for wedding video productions.


There are three unique options for each film within Nexus:  

  • Nobacklog selects music from Musicbed 
  • You provide the music files 
  • Nobacklog selects from a library of songs you've uploaded 

There's much more detail within the Nexus Help Centre related to Music.  

What do I receive back from you?

For delivery of the first version, and each subsequent version of a film, you'll be able to immediately access the Project File. 

We can also provide a high resolution render of an Approved film if you opt-in to this service and we are not in a Proxy workflow for that project. 

Nobacklog also provides any assets that we sourced, such as a song from Musicbed along with license information and a SyncID code.

How many rounds of revisions can I make?

Please read the Fair Use Policy in our Terms of Service related to revisions. It explains that we allow three rounds of revisions within 30 days of delivery of the first version of the film.

Nexus has a feature called SmartReview, allowing you a quick and effective review process with your Nobacklog editor. Features include:  

  • Watch each version of the film within Nexus 
  • Whilst watching, type a revision request and the video will pause. Enter it and the video starts playing again 
  • Each request is time-stamped, individually tracked as complete or not, and has the option for comment between Nobacklog and your studio 
  • All versions of the film, with revisions display, remain visible until the project is Archived  

We always encourage you provide as much feedback as possible, and SmartReview is one of multiple feedback mechanisms to refine your requirements and tune-in the style for the next project.

What video formats do you accept? 4K?

Generally, Nobacklog accepts all common video formats. 

Yes, we can edit in a 4K timeline, and accept original resolution media in 4K. 

We strongly support the move towards 4K productions as it delivers far superior video quality for clients, and they want to enjoy the film for many years to come! 

We highly recommend you investigate proxy production when moving to 4K in your studio. It's a great way to speed up timeline editing and review, and allows your studio to upgrade its hardware less often. 

For most projects, we don't charge additional fees for working with full resolution 4K files, however we reserve the right to apply charges in unique circumstances.

Do you sync off-camera audio?

Yes, the majority of our clients use professional off-camera audio sources in their production. We sync these assets within the timeline and mix audio to achieve the best outcome.

I'm new to wedding video production, what support do you offer?

If you're new to the industry and editing software, you can most definitely use our service!

Many operators have superior shoot skills compared to editing experience, so partnering with Nobacklog makes sense. 

There's lots of fantastic online resources to assist you with learning about wedding video production. Check out Wedding Film School on YouTube who offer an amazing array of advice on everything related to our industry. There are also many Facebook groups, website and blogs that offer useful suggestions on filming techniques, editing workflow and equipment selection. 

As there is so much amazing content already on the internet and specific to our industry, Nobacklog focuses on providing editing services to our clients. We don't currently offer support or advice on filming, or equipment. We can provide some suggestions on editing workflow if you're struggling with something that prevents you from using our service.

I don't want to edit anything, or open the Project File, can you help?

Yes, we can offer a turn-key solution by which you just shoot and Nobacklog takes care of all other elements of the post-production. 

There's no need to open an editing program and export films. Nobacklog can provide a complete solution by which you upload a completed film to the internet for your client to download.

My footage isn't very good, can editing fix it?

Generally, the quality of a final film relies heavily upon the shooting techniques, camera quality, audio quality and precision of a videographer. If any of these elements is not ideal, it can have a dramatic effect on the overall result of the film.

Smart and creative editing techniques rarely overcome these issues. If you have concerns about any of the elements mentioned above, please contact us prior to booking the project.

How can I get started or learn more?

All projects with Nobacklog run through software we've built called Nexus. It's your central hub for ordering, managing and reviewing projects. 

Sign up for a free Nexus account and visit the Help Centre. There are over 80 articles with a wealth of information, direction, tips and tricks. If you'd like to direct message or speak with us, get in touch.